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BLOOD MICROSCOPY – Ronald K. Schneider and Dr. Thomas Brewer specialize in the field of immunoenzymology and Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopy. They would like to personally invite you to see for yourself if you ‘really are’ as healthy on the inside as you might think or feel you are. Both Ron and Dr. Brewer have analyzed the blood of over 55,000 people during the past 15 years, with the use of the Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscope and have found that over 90% of the people ‘were not’ as healthy as they thought they were. Many were developing potentially deadly conditions in their bodies without feeling anything negative or that something was wrong. RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT ON ALL OUR NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS BY USING DISCOUNT CODE TZ30 AT CHECKOUT. NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:...

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