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A QUICK UPDATE FROM DOCTOR TOM – I have always liked simple tests one can perform on themselves to alert oneself to potential health issues. For example, a bright red inflamed tongue can indicate a vitamin B-12 deficiency, while actual white or blue lesions on the tongue can indicate oral cancer. If you have a white tongue, it usually means you have yeast or other bacteria breeding in your mouth. (Better take your ionized colloidal silver if your tongue is white) Finally, both viral or bacterial ulcers can show up on your tongue from chronic stress. If your nails are splitting, it usually indicates a Biotin, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin C deficiencies. Yellow nails generally indicate a fungal infection, while rippled nails can signal inflammatory arthritis, but is often a simple calcium deficiency. RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT ON OUR NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS BY USING DISCOUNT CODE TZ30 AT CHECKOUT. NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK:...

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Healthy Shopping

A great place to start buying healthy food to put into your house is: Whole Foods. The selection of high quality produce and organic foods is amazing. They even have protein powders made from pea protein or hemp. The only challenge is it’s very easy to go crazy and end up with a one thousand dollar food bill each week.

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