Sports Nutrition, Vitamins and Supplements reviews hosts a weekly Health & Wellness Call each Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm PST (8:00 pm EST). During these calls you will have the opportunity to ask health related questions to either Ronald K. Schneider, an Immunoenzymologist and Nobel Prize nominee,


or Dr. Thomas Brewer, a Ph.D. Chemist. The calls begin with a short introduction, followed by a summary of current news topics related to health and wellness. Enriching Gifts sponsors these calls as a means to discuss health related information and facts that are left out by more traditional news sources.

The call in number is 646-519-5860 and the PIN is 7123#. You can mute your phone in and out by pressing *6. Join us this Wednesday!



Wednesdays 5pm PST
1-646-519-5860 – Pin: 7123#
Mute *6

(All conference calls are open to the public)