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There are a few simple ways to decrease the aging process, i.e. the shortening of your telomeres. Most people are already familiar with the use of antioxidants to minimize oxidative attack of your cells. You can get plenty of antioxidants from dark colored whole fruits and vegetables. If you want a standardized blend of antioxidants, try Enriching Gifts Metabolic Complete. Recent studies also show that performing endurance exercise minimizes the shortening of telomeres. These include running, walking, bike riding, swimming, etc. However, if you want to actually lengthen your telomeres, i.e. reverse the aging process, the only way available is to take the actual telomerase enzyme, Telezyme.

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  1. I don’t see any problem with increasing telomerase enzyme in your cells through supplementation. The cancer cells will do this on their own with no influence from supplementation.