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TELEZYME™ – Telomere Support Supplement

TELEZYME™ is our newest and revolutionary Dietary Supplement you have been hearing so much about. Now you can regenerate every cell in your body like you did when you were younger. TELEZYME™ is proven through independent testing to increase the length of the Telomere Caps on your DNA. The longer you use TELEZYME™, the greater the age reversal effects. Use TELEZYME™ for longevity and telomere support.

Yes, good nutrition, exercise, and low stress levels minimize the shortening of your telomeres, but they do not prevent telomere shortening. If you want to actually elongate your telomeres to lengths like you had when you were younger, then take Telezyme™ – Telomere Support.

Nobel Prize Winning (2009) Research has shown that the Telomerase Enzyme actually increases the length of the Telomere cap on your DNA. This product is 100% organic and also contains our famous GR8CF-77 Enzyme and Mineral Blend. It is suggested that you continuously take this product for over one year at the rate of 4 capsules daily (1 every 4 hours or so, or 2 in the am and 2 in the pm) before noticing any effects from Telomere elongation.

Read More On Telomerase Enzyme Research.

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Enriching Gifts International has a Training Center in Montana  

The Enriching Gifts Education, Training and Seminar Center is located in beautiful and remote Fort Peck, Montana. It’s right on the Missouri River and a few miles from the famous and huge Fort Peck Reservoir. The facility was completed in 2012 and provides a home like atmosphere for those wishing to learn the details about Enriching Gifts products or to become certified using the darkfield phase contrast microscope for nutritional blood analysis. During your stay, visitors have plenty of fun with the four-wheelers, mountain bikes, fishing equipment, kayaks, and of course, an awesome boat.


ronaldkschneiderFounder – Ronald K. Schneider
Ronald K. Schneider specializes in the field of immunoenzymology and Darkfield Phase Contrast Microscopy. After many years of studying alternative and holistic medicine, he focused on research with enzymes, then developed and provided private label products using his formulas to over 180 different distribution companies. Ronald K. Schneider decided to focus on his own premier line of nutritional products to ensure that quality, effectiveness and activity remained constant without regard to development costs.

Ronald K. Schneider has made numerous national television appearances including Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning Canada and W.L: Willard “Street Talk” of Chicago to name a few. In addition, he has been a guest on hundreds of radio shows nationally.

In April of 1999, Ronald K. Schneider was hosted by Nelson Mandella in Johannesburg South Africa with other presidential leaders for an H.I.V. – A.I.D.S summit meeting. In 2001 Ronald K. Schneider traveled to Lagos and Nigeria on many occasions meeting with political and medical leaders to demonstrate the effectiveness of plant enzymes and sterols.

On that same visit, Mr. Schneider was invited to speak to a medical symposium in Jackson, Mississippi totaling more than 700 physicians and medical personnel. During that visit Ronald K. Schneider also spoke and lectured at Tulane University in New Orleans. He continues to travel the world spreading the great news of enzymes and all the health benefits associated with them.

Ronald K. Schneider speaks weekly about health, how the body works, but more importantly, how everyone can strengthen their immune system.


drthomasbrewerDr. Thomas Brewer
Dr. Brewer obtained his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Michigan State University in 1992. He worked in both industry and the national laboratory system as a senior research scientist for over a decade before starting his own consulting business. Dr. Brewer’s research expertise in the disciplines of heterogeneous catalysis, waste remediation, and metal oxides resulted in the granting of one U.S. Patent, sixteen invention disclosures, and numerous papers and journal articles. His main strength is the ability to explain both complex and fundamental scientific phenomena in a simple and straightforward manner.

Dr. Brewer’s career in research science, darkfield microscopist, speaker, and consultant gives him the opportunity to help people from all walks of life understand their body’s health and nutritional needs using down-to-earth principles everyone can understand.