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The best way I can summarize what Telomerase Enzyme does is to use the shoelace analogy. That little plastic cap at the end of each shoelace is there to prevent your shoelaces from fraying. This is similar to the Telomere Cap at the end of each DNA strand. As the Telomere Cap shortens, the DNA strand becomes less tight and uniform. The DNA provides a blueprint of instructions for each cell during its regeneration. Each time the DNA is called upon to provide these blueprint instructions, the Telomere Cap shortens. The result is less than perfect blueprint instructions, which is aging. Telomerase Enzyme, and only Telomerase Enzyme, regrows the Telomere Cap to lengths that existed when you were younger. The result is you get to regenerate cells the way you did when you were younger, thus true age reversal for every single cell in your body.

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